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How neighbors behave when we give them food (See Pictures)

Source: Opinion

African people are good when it comes to giving and sharing. Our culture taught us slot about humanity and giving someone a helping hand. When it comes to serving neighbors food people react differently. This picture has been making people laugh on social media after people realize that it is actually how they react to the food when being served by neighbors or friends.

It is likely for a person to tell whenever they are hungry when they visit their friends or neighbors. People who speak out are mostly women, men tend to be shy to accept food from other homes. And the reason behind this is still unknown to this day. Below on the picture is how a friend reacted after noticing that a plate with bread and Wors is coming to him.

Instead of staring at what they are giving to him, the guy pretended as though he is watching television. People like this one's are the ones who eat a lot, but pretend as though they don't like food.

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