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"There's nothing painful than coming from work hungry, to find that people have not cooked" one said

When it comes to changing a lazy person, you have to be realistic about your expectations and understand that you're going to have to put daily thought and effort into this for a while. Some people say changing a habit takes 21 days. Master changing one lazy habit at a time. Yes, it will take some time to form new habits and completely replace the habit of laziness.

Sometimes dealing with lazy people can be a huge problem because most of them really expect others to do so much for them without any hesitation. Imagine spending the whole day at home without going to work and expecting someone who has been at work the whole day, to come home and start preparing food for everyone. 

A lady recently shared her situation on social media as she mentioned in her post that: "There's nothing painful than coming from work very hungry and people been home the whole day and didn't cook yoh 😔". A lot of people reacted to her post positively while others wondered why she would expect to find food at home after knocking off at work. 

On comment from her post, even stated that: "But why must they cook? (Just asking because my mom shouts at me when I don’t cook). Do you know how tiring staying at home can be it’s the same monotonous cleaning routine every. You feel like a maid. Do you consider how others might feel?". What do you think of this type of situation? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment below, like and don't forget to hit the share button. 

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