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Immigrants In Shock As Julius Malema Plans To Do This To Them || See Why



it has now been two days since the country has been heavily affected by the illegal immigrants that continue to put pressure on the lives of south Africans as some of their needs are not taking seriously as their needs are catered to immigrants to enjoy more benefits than South Africans.

This can mean that the reason why there is too much hate for illegal immigrants is that most of them are taking lots of South Africans opportunities and this is all caused by how lazy South African people are in utilizing resources and this signifies a bad image to the performance of the economy as it is struggling.

immigrants in shock As Julius Malema plans to do something bad to them after it was discovered that the reason behind the high crime rate in the country is because most immigrants don't have enough supporting documents.

This is because a lot of illegal immigrants commit a lot of crimes with the hope that they will be released as arresting them is illegal and it won't bear any fruits. This is why Julius Malema doesn't want illegal immigrants in the country as most of them are not great assets to the country but a liability.


it is not a secret that illegal immigrants are destroying the South African economy and the fact that they don't have supporting documents makes it difficult for the South African Police Service to issue an arrest on them. The president of the country seems to have no solution on what method will be best to ensure that will south African lives are not threatened but insured.

the opposition parties like the Economic Freedom Fighters Julius Malema his vowing that if the people of South Africa were to vote for the EFF in the next local government election, they will ensure that all illegal immigrants are sent back to their respective countries.

what is your intake on this and why?

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