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Guy received R9000 from an anonymous person. See what happened next

To illustrate, suppose that You're surprised when a stranger gives you a significant chunk of money. What are your thoughts? Most likely, you are in a tight spot and are in need of financial assistance. Would you make use of the funds if you had access to them? This being the case, are you aware that spending money not legally yours is a criminal offence? One man performed the following after receiving money from an unknown source:

An individual from Johannesburg named Wandile Thuli had R9000 transferred to his mobile phone from a Capitec account. Even as he was still trying to figure out who had provided him the money, he received another letter notifying him that.

Dear Mr./Mrs./Ms. : Good morning. I believe you have received R9000, however there was a clerical error, and it was delivered to the wrong phone number. For my child, who is currently in the hospital; I would have called you, but I don't have any more airtime at this point. What's the quickest way for you to get it back to me? This is something that my daughter is in dire need of." Please get it returned to this phone number." It was decided to read the statement out loud.

When it came time to give the money to the rightful owner, Thuli did so without hesitation. In the days that followed, he tweeted pictures of the transfers with the statement "I did it people, I sent it back." Even if they wanted to be honest, this is not something most people would do, and it has shown that even in today's corrupt world, there are still some honest people.

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