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Checkout What A Drug Addict Was Caught Doing Inside A Dust Bin (see video)

Now that we are all dwelling in communities wereby substance abuse by the youth is a common thing and an uncontrollable norm at the same time have you ever wondered where the youth who use this dangerous substance such as Nyaope, Crystal meth cocaine and others use it since they do not smoke them in public as if they are smoking cigarrets or common stuff such as marijuana?

Well there is a video making rounds on social media exposing where the guys take this substance of thiers at,Before I can even go as far as showing youth one of those places please let me tell you that this is painful and something needs to be done already, So now see the pics attached below to see where a guy was caught smoking the deadly crystal meth

There is actually a video of this incident, Please follow this link attached below to see what actually happened when he was caught smoking this method inside a dust bin and what is it that he had to say to the person who caught him in the act of smoking the drug there.

So now that you have seen the video if you are one of those people who have been forever wondering why is it that people who smoke drugs such as nyaope are always dirty, I assume you have just seen something which answers your question on the video above The guys are dirty because of the environments they use as their hideouts as they smoke their stuff.

So now let's look at this whole thing of smoking inside a bin from a very sharp angel now. According to my understanding, One of the reason why they are smoking in closed places could be that they do not want the smoke of the substances to disappear easily they want to inhale all out of it which is cool,But then what happens if one pass out in the bin since these drugs are that dangerous. Don't you think that if one happens to pass out, They might be mistaken for garbage and get collected and destroyed with other garbage when they who collect garbage comes to take the garbage bins? 

What's your take in this entire situation of people smoking inside garbage bins? Please write some comments below

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