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She Took A Lift From A Staranger And He Did This To Her (see pics)

As good and money saving the idea of hitch hiking has always been to people traveling from one town to another over the past decades' truth is with the world that we're living in now being miserable as it is (flooded with criminals). Asking for lifts and hocking has gone from being one of the best experiences to one of the worst experiences for certain individuals.

According to my source,

One of the ladies who recently tried this hacking thing nearly lost her life and herself while she was at it. What happened in her case was that she asked for a lift to a stranger traveling from lebowakgomo hospital to the same destination as her and when they were on their journey the driver took a strange turn while driving at a high speed.Well when that happened and she told he to stop he just decided to speed of to the bushes to with the intension of hurting her there I think.But fortunately she managed to escape him by jumping out of the moving car.After jumping out of the moving car she obtained some serious injuries.See the pics attached below

This is really bad but then looking at it from a view that she is still alive and nothing was done to her one can say that she was very lucky to escape unharmed by the man but be that as it may,This better serve as a lesson to everyone out there to stay away from taking lifts from strangers. Rather use a public transport and be safe than sorry.

We are now approching the easter holidays in December and everyone will be living cities going home if you are one of those who will be doing so.Please keep in mind that lifts are a no go area for your own safety.Share the article to spread the awareness.

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