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Road Accident

7 Funniest Road Signs Worth Slowing Down For

These real road signs clearly understand that it's not the destination, it's the journey.

1. Eyes mostly on the road

We know you’re a good driver—you pay attention, you slow down for crosswalks, you come to a full stop at stop signs. You read all the signs around you to be a cautious and aware driver. So what happens when the road signs are so ridiculous that they force you to do a double-take?

The signs below seem almost too funny to be real. Some are so confusing, even driving instructors can’t understand them! While driving can sometimes be tedious, it won’t be when you’ve got such surprising reading material to break up the monotony. Just make sure you keep your eyes on the road as you laugh!

Some would say potholes are never a welcome sight. Not this sign-maker. Anyone looking for a beautiful view of cars being totaled? You can check it out right this way. If this sounds like your worst nightmare, make sure you’re not shortening the life of your carvia, you guessed it, potholes.

2. Slow down, speed racer!

Maybe it’s a snail crossing. Or, more likely, it’s a creative way to ask drivers to slow down in this area. Slowing down to a snail speed seems extreme, but snails do seem less stressed than a driver in rush hour. Maybe there’s something to the lifestyle after all! If you’re looking for more funny photos, look no further than this hilarious roundup.

3. Mixed messages

When you’re driving along looking for a place to park, the last thing you want is a confusing sign. Sometimes a typo can really mix things up, but this one is just funny enough to maybe risk a ticket.

4. All about punctuation

This is yet another example of grammar potentially saving lives. Is this an instruction to motorists to drive slowly as children are near? Or is it a reminder to the children themselves? Or, is it a description of the speed of children in the area? Regardless, it’s a strangely punctuated sign that could use some work. Signs, or the lack thereof, can be dangerous.

4. Bike with caution

In a car, this sign might not be so alarming. On a bike, however, it seems that this might slow you down. Is this an instruction to keep an eye out for rival bikers? Or an invitation to a dangerous game of chicken?

5. The road to change

Road closures always make your path a little difficult, but this seems a little dramatic. Your way of life might technically be as comfortable and instinctive as your commute down the road, or maybe it’s a needed change. It could be a new chance or an awful delay, but let’s hope there are at least a few shortcuts to investigate.

6. You had one job…

The classic stop sign is unmistakable. The red, octagonal shape is almost as iconic as the blaring white letters reminding you to stop. If you rolled up to this stop sign and took a closer look, what would you be left thinking? How hard is it to spell one of the most commonly used four-letter words in the English-speaking world?

7. The only kind there is

This sign might be a breath of fresh air if it catches your eye while stuck in classic bumper-to-bumper traffic. At the time, it may seem like there is no more boring place in the world. On the bright side, this sign might break up the monotony and even bring a smile to your face. 

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