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Zimbabwean Drivers Permit Left Mzansi Speechless SEE What Their Found Written on the Permit

A South African national and a member of Operation Dudula putting south Africans first said in his Twitter account @MEB40122141 that " Zimbabweans drivers license not valid in Zimbabwe but in South Africa. Well done to Operation Dudula now their have delivery bike but no keys".

Source and Link: @MEB40122141 Twitter account.Operation Dudula members in Jo'burg came to these delivery bike riders and asked for their Documents, when the bike riders showed them their Documents and drivers license which was a permit, their found out that the bike riders permit is not valid in Zimbabwe but Valid in other countries because it was letter headed international Drivers Permit.

The Dudula members seized their delivery bike keys because the permit is toxic. How can the holder be deprive right to ride or drive inside their territory Zimbabwe. After their collected their bike keys some south Africans that saw the post on Twitter said #OperationDudula member did the right thing by Seizing Permit and collecting their bike keys.

Below are their comments on Twitter.

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