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" Only Vaccinated People Should Use Taxis, Have Access To Alcohol " - Ramaphosa Told



As South Africa is in the fourth wave of Coronavirus and Omicron discovered in the land, many people are worried that the country will once again be placed in stricter lockdown regulations during the festive season.

President Cyril Ramaphosa has met with the National Coronavirus Command Council and regardless of the dire state of the country's economy, there is a high possibility that interprovincial travel could be banned, and that alcohol trading hours and days will also be cut short and earlier curfew hours will be re-introduced.


While the masses are waiting eagerly for the president's national address to find out about the development of the fourth wave and the government's response to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Business For South Africa organization is calling on the government to only allow vaccinated people to use public transport, dine in restaurants, and travel across provinces.

Other organizations like PSG Group are calling for the government to deny unvaccinated people in shopping malls, learning institutions, and other business institutions. However, they add that unvaccinated people can still access emergency services like hospitals and police stations.

Employers are also urged by the organizations in question to make vaccination mandatory for their employees to help the country reach herd immunity.

Public's Opinion

Anti-vaxxers are pointing out that they will take their money somewhere else, like unregistered foreign-owned shops that will not require vaccination certificates from them. They add that denying them access to various institutions and services will be at the government's loss, as this will worsen the country's economy.

They add that vaccinated people should be the only group that pays tax, citing that the government did not care about restrictions during election campaigns when they were looking for votes.

Author's Opinion

Pfizer has announced that an updated version of its Covid-19 shot will be 'ready in 100 days' if Omicron is resistant. This means that vaccinated people will never be fully vaccinated.

The shot protects the vulnerable against severe disease for some time until the next shot is required. The fact that vaccinated people can also spread the disease means that you vaccinate to protect yourself.

Anyone that wants the jab in South Africa can have it and that should be the end of it. People should not be forced to have any medical procedure of any sort for whatever reason, especially if it does not stop transmission.

Should the government decide to discriminate against anti-vaxxers, many businesses will shut their doors. At least people can still buy online to help save the country's economy, but knowing how lawless this country has become, taxi drivers will not be easily convinced to only allow vaccinated people in their taxis.

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