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Black Man replies to an indian man after he said something about Zulu people. Here are the details.

One thing many South Africans have been trying to do since the end of Apartheid is embrace the rainbow nation. To do this you would have to live in peace with every other race and culture in South Africa. I believe that we have finally started doing that, as a Black Man replied to an indian man's opinion of Zulu people recently.

The video :

In the videos, which you can watch by clicking on the links below, you'll find two men of different races giving there opinion on something that Zulu people do.

In the original video, the Indian man claims that Zulu people don't care if they dial the wrong number, all they care about is "Upi Jabu". However a Black South African man replied to his video with a hilarious statement.

He said that "We do not dial the wrong number, You people answer the wrong phone" Making a humorous situation of the man's original statement. Here's what this all means for South Africans.

The implications of this situation :

The one thing I love about being South African is that we can find the humor in any situation, as these two men did.

While normally people would be offended by one race talking about another race, both groups were very clear that this was a joke and instead used to it make people laugh. This is why I believe that we are finally embracing the rainbow nation and that soon we will be able to get rid of racism.

To other South Africans reading this, I urge you to show love to all people regardless of race or culture.

What did you think of this situation, was it funny or not, tell me in the comments section and follow for more lifestyle news as it happens.

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