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Road Accident

OPINION| The Taxi Drivers Have Caused a Lot of Accidents and Never Been Held Accountable

Government should just take over all public transportation. If taxi drivers are not killing passengers, they are killing pedestrians, and now cyclists, I swear that taxi didn't have brakes. This cyclist needs to understand that Taxi drivers doesn't respect anybody in this road. I have seen many cyclists intentionally knocked down by taxi driver, until one of them get life sentence for killing them this won't stop, I'm 100% sure that he did this deliberately. Taxi drivers make lane changes in the middle of the intersection like its normal, they have no regard for human life its all about the moneyTaxis are a menace on the roads, the government need to replace them with proper transport system for the whole country. They have caused the most deaths and never been held accountable. That is South Africa for you. Nothing works in this country, police services, health services, road rules, nothing. The lawlessness is on another level this government is gonna kill us all. Keep voting for them, you will learn the hard way when something happens to your loved ones

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