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Twins perished into this shack fire in Hendrina

Yesterday on the 4th of June 2022 in Hendrina twins perished into this shack fire that allegedly costed by illegal conditions of electricity in the shack, the two 8 year old were left in the care of their brother who is 17-years-years old for about 3 days.

According to the information given the twins where locked in side when the brother went to get something to eat for them, the mother was said to be visiting her new boyfriend around Hendrina and left the children with the brother. It is child neglect and the woman can be charged for this action of leaving kids in the house alone.

The fire is suspected to have started when electricity came back after loadshedding, due to the illegal conditions in the house the cables couldn't hold the power and it burned down the house together with two kids inside.

Parents shouldn't leave children under the care of their brothers and this could have been prevented, if the woman came back to look after her children says members of the community.

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