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Road Accident

New details in Nellie Tembe's mysterious accident raise eyebrows

There are new details emerging in the Nellie Tembe incident. According to social media reports, an eye witness had come forward with some details.

"Apparently Nellie Tembe's body was found naked after she fell from the 10th floor at a hotel. Question is, who was she with in the hotel? Whats even more weird is someone committing suicide butt naked. It doesn't doesnt add up at all." These are the questions people are raising on Twitter following the mysterious accident that took the life of AKA’s fiancée.

"So eye witnesses say she was found naked on the ground floor immediately after hearing a loud noise they thought was a car accident. So many questions, inappropriate timing to ask them😖," a Twitter user said.

Although the police have not yet released any statement confirming any foul play, Twitter investigatots are already pointing fingers. But methinks, even if she was found naked, it doesn't mean Aka is responsible for her death. I mean think about it,even if they got into a fight,was killing her a solution?

But many are saying that nothing is impossible and everything is possible. "Let’s wait to hear from authorities, for now let’s console her loved ones, they are hurting no matter what may have or not have happened to her," another tweep said.

Nellie Tembe mysteriously fell to her death. Some say it was an act of suicide which could have been trigger by depression.

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