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SAD: Man bitten by snake ‘in the private area’ while relieving himself in toilet.

SAD: Man was bitten by a snake "in the genital area" while urinating in the bathroom A 65-year-old Madala was bitten and injured by a python while sitting in the bathroom of her home. According to reports, he felt his genital area touched and then noticed a 1.6 million-meter-long snake in the toilet.

The python is a large python native to Asia that can grow to nearly 30 feet and is believed to reach the bathroom through the sewer network. According to Sky News, the victim needed hospital treatment due to minor injuries. Although the snake 's alleged route to the bathroom could not be confirmed, it is believed that it escaped from the neighbor 's apartment.

A reptile expert was asked to remove it from the toilet, clean it, and return it to its owner. The 24-year-old neighbor owned 11 snakes and was reported to the prosecution for allegedly causing bodily harm.

The 65 year old reptiles owner is believed to be in hospital under intensive care unit and we will keep you updated about his healing journey.

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