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A Girl Was Stabbed In The Eye By 3 Boys At School Who Wanted To Prove Her Wrong

A young girl is afraid for her life since a 16-year-old and two of his friends stabbed her in the face.

In light of the fact that her family has already been injured by the school's inaction, this is a serious issue for her family, who have already been hurt by the school's inaction.

They punched her hard in the face, which was uncalled for and worrisome given the fact that she had been attacked by three boys. There is nothing logical about the lads' behavior, but we are convinced that they will be arrested if the family contacts the police and reports the incident. She was unable to defend herself in any way.

Because minors under the age of 18 are not considered citizens of the United States by the courts, law enforcement must seek to put them in a position where they may be arrested rather than allowing them to go free.

A thorough investigation is needed to avert a catastrophic outcome. It's simply not possible to let things go on like this.

To guarantee that justice is done, they should be prosecuted in a manner that ensures that their behaviour is not allowed to go unpunished, as they went on to abuse countless others.

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