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Masechaba also claims to be another rape victim of Molemo Maarohanye

It all started when Jub Jub was on MacG's show where he said that he had files on everyone. Maybe he was trying to be smart but it seems like it backfired. Now there are people who had files on him and they have spilled the beans on him. Files for two years and counting.

We also know that Masechaba also claims that she has been raped by Jub Jub and she was a virgin at the time. However it was previously reported that she was raped for three days by her father as a child. There seems to be something off about this whole issues. We know that gender based violence is a problem in the country but we also have to be able to look at each story on his own merits. Just because it is gender based violence, it does not mean that anything goes.

According to Masechaba state of events, she was raped by Jub Jub in Mama Jackie's home and Jub Jub was her boyfriend at that time and she was a virgin.

Amanda du Pont also says that she was raped for two years and she was also a virgin. What is it with Jub Jub and the virgins. We don't know about Kelly Khumalo whether she was a virgin or not.

However there are some people who are not convinced about all these stories. We know that there is another person that Jub Jub allegedly raped and it is believed that it is his cousin. We are still waiting for this story to drop. Maybe the cousin was also a virgin.

What is most concerning in all the cases is that Jub Jub's mother is at the center of it. We heard how Amanda said that Jub Jub's mother used to tell her about how her life will be in danger if she left Jub Jub.

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