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Out Of 111 Inmates Who Wrote Matric, 99 Passed

SOUTH AFRICA – Out of 111 full time inmates who sat for Matric examinations, 99 of them passed. The people of this country are conflicted about the results that have been revealed in public and what is even more concerning is the fact that we have prisoners being allowed to go to school, this is not according to what most people thought the justice system was about.

Which is to correct the behaviour of these individuals but taking decisive measures to punish and do everything necessary in order to correct their behaviour, but it seems like the country is taking another approach to treat prisoners very well because they believe that if they treat them good they will change.

But it has proven time and again that some of these prisoners end up becoming even more hardcore criminals because they have an easy time in prison, so it is counterproductive that they are promoting the fair treatment of prisoners when the same prisoners get out of jail and then proceed to attack ordinary members of the public.

Meanwhile out of 105 who were enrolling part time, 42 passed. The statistics of these prisoners who are going to school are even better than some of our statistics of the people on the outside because most of the people in the country choose to not complete their matric, they just give up on life like that because it would be hard and that is the problem that most people have that they're not going to educate themselves.

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