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Road Accident

Two people get killed on Moloto Road after this happened

On Friday the 22nd of October 2021, the nation received news of an unfortunate incident which had happened. This incident exposed how fragile the life of a human being can be.

The roads we have in this country can tempt us into speeding as they are extremely smooth and have minimum potholes. However, when you receive reports of carnages, you may end up changing your perception.

According to a report which was published by South African Trucker, two people got killed on the Moloto Road that is the R573. This was after two vehicles got involved in a nasty collision.


The vehicles were a bus and a truck. Calls were made to emergency service providers as they were being summoned to a scene. Among the respondents were law enforcement agents, paramedics and fire brigade personnel.

Upon their arrival, they saw two vehicles which had collided. The truck was lying on its side in the middle of the road while the bus was some few metres from the truck. A small crowd was on the scene offering assistance to the victims.


An assessment was carried out and it was established that two people had sadly lost their lives. An unknown number of occupants was injured and they were treated on the scene by paramedics.


The circumstances which led up to the accident are not yet known at the moment and the police are busy carrying out investigations. An official report is set to be published by the authorities to shed more light regarding this accident.

A police spokesperson who spoke to the media highlighted the need to always observe road safety rules. Drivers need to always adhere to the set speed limits as overspeeding may lead to many accidents being recorded. The set regulations are meant to ensure the safety of all road users.

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