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Matshela Koko says SA will be experiencing blackouts and loadshedding in 2035, see what SA says

ANC must top using renewable energy lobbyists to write their energy policy papers. 

As things stand and based on the current ANC discussion documents, my take is that South Africa will still be experiencing blackouts/load shedding in 2035. The biggest question now is who is damaging Eskom infrastructure in their plants , if we can figure that out we can move, The law enforcement agencies must be brutal. They must bite.

That's not the reason we have blackouts though, are you sure you have nothing to say about the sabotage? I doubt you would agree, You believe that nonsense? When blackouts hit in the first instances, Ramaphosa blamed sabotaged and switch tripping, which was never proven. Now blackouts have been ongoing and due to public pressure, JikiJiki there's sabotage, and we suppose to believe that nonsense? 

Ntate Koko, I still believe that you are a good engineer. I just wish you hadn’t allowed yourself to be sucked into politics! Chances are we wouldn’t be here today. Wish that is my cry as well. He is a brilliant engineer and knew Eskom inside out and EAL when he was GE was over 75% ngoba he held ama PSM and GMS to account kodwa eish politics does poison one's career. Remember we had Matona as CEO for 6 months and was pushed, Eskom CEO is like a bafana coaching job in terms of turn over, But in Mzantsi how do you become a SOE Group Executive and a Department's DG without being sucked into politics? That's my biggest problem about this government. The energy policy is unfamiliar with reality & the needs of the majority.

When you dig deep, you find that the so-called energy experts are foreign with no understanding or interest in the lives of SA but their narrow interests. The biggest benefactors are the financial institutions. Not the EPC or project developers.


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