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PIC|| Mzansi was surprised after seeing a picture of 4 guys swimming in concrete pool.

It's hard to understand why people risk their lives by hurting themselves to make others happy or doing it for like on social media, we have seen many videos and pictures on social media of people putting their lives in danger such as the crate challenge, some drink shots of flaming Sambuca and burn their mouth, and so forth. 

The past few days South Africa has been extremely hot, when the heat is too much people prefer to dive in the water to cool down the heat, but these guys were seen doing the opposite, a guy posted a picture on social media having fun with his in a pool of concrete. Kulani a famous Twitter user taking it to his account showing off what he was doing with his friends "📍Emajiteni" he wrote. It's surprising that out of all entertainment ideas they chose to take off their clothes and jump in a pool of concrete.

The tweet was received by many and they were left shocked asking themselves what's up with these guys, "What's going on here?" a concerned follower asked "Bonding, cementing the bond" @IronicVector replied. @Grootman commented with a picture of a statue of a man looking down and seem worried and he wrote "A few hours later" meaning these guys will freeze in the concrete and they will regret why they swam in concrete.

I would like to hear what you think about these guys swimming in concrete, do leave your views in the comment section, please like, share with friends, and don't forget to hit the follow button for me.





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Kulani Mzansi PIC|| Sambuca South Africa


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