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Family worried sick about missing Annah.

ANNAH Skhosana, who is 48 years old, and her family are having trouble sleeping at night.

On Friday, as Annah was on her way to work, she was last seen.

According to her spouse, Jan Skhosana (48), no one is aware of her whereabouts.

He said that he had forgotten about her when he went to catch the bus in the wee hours of the morning on Friday, the 20th of May.

Jan, who lives in Thokoza Village in Tweefontein, which is located close to KwaMhlanga in Mpumalanga, stated that the family is hoping that she would be found alive.

"During the afternoon break on Friday, I attempted to contact my wife, but she didn't pick up her phone when I called. I tried to get in touch with her once more over lunch, but she didn't pick up the phone. My first reaction was that maybe she had left her phone at home. After work, we go home on the same bus, but she wasn't there this time. That evening, when I got to my residence, she had already left.

Because I have no idea what may have happened to her, I am now over myself with worry. Everyone in the home is quite concerned, and the evenings are filled with restlessness as a result. I attempted to contact her on both of her phones, but they were both off when I got through. I've asked our immediate family members, and none of them have seen her," he stated. "I've even checked with our more distant cousins."

According to Nelly Skhosana, Annah's daughter, who is 28 years old, she heard from a neighbor that her mother was last seen in the yard.

"Our neighbor informed us that she witnessed her getting water from the tap on Friday morning at around seven o'clock, and she told us that she was doing so. When we phoned her place of employment, they informed us that she had not shown up for work. "We hope that she is safe and sound wherever she may be," she stated.

Nelly said that when her parents went to work in the morning, they would go to work together on the bus.

On Friday, she said that her mother had stayed behind and was planning to catch the bus at a later time.

It has been verified by Brigadier Selvy Mohlala that a case has been established for a missing individual. He said that the police are conducting an investigation.


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Annah Jan Skhosana KwaMhlanga Thokoza Village Tweefontein


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