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WARNING-GRAPHIC CONTENT : The beautiful medical student gouged out her mother's internal organs

The Mirror has given a report of a gruesome murder that was committed by Anna Leukovic who is from Comrat , Moldova.It is alleged that she gouged out many of the internal organs of her mother using a kitchen knife before she would go out to meet her boyfriend. The organs she gouged out include the intestines and the lungs.Anna , who is a twenty one year old medical student is reported to have cut out her mother's heart as well.

It is reported that Anna stabbed her mother who allegedly remained alive after the stabbing. She allegedly gouged out her intestines and lungs before cutting out her heart.The Instagram star ripped out the heart of her dying mother's chest who was still alive when the act took place. After the act, she is reported to have calmly taken a shower before meeting her boyfriend.

Anna is a medical student who has about 10 000 followers on Instagram. She made an appearance in court over the murder. While in court she is reported to have been so calm , such that she was cleaning her nails.When a journalist asked her if she had committed the murder, she is reported to have laughed and said goodbye to the journalist.

According to reports , the slain mother is reported to have returned from Germany where she was working after finding out that her killer daughter was on drugs.Anna is reported to have fummed over the fact that her mother had made arrangements for her to go on rehabilitation.

Investigations are still ongoing.

Content created and supplied by: Kukizi (via Opera News )

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