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Family Is In Tears For A 15 Year Old Thandolwenkosi

THE family of a boy who drowned in the Umzimkhulu River on January 7, is still missing.

Thandolwenkosi Dlamini (15) of Gumatane, Umzimkhulu, drowned while swimming with other family members who were about his age.

It was alleged that they had been washing their clothes, and when they had finished washing, they chose to swim and he was about to have a stroke.

Thandolwenkosi's father, Shoboloza Dlamini, 50, who is distraught, even said he would be happy for them to get boat support from the government to try to find their son.

“Because the river is still flooded, the water never stops flowing as it never stops raining. There are members of the community who wake up and sit us every day by the river but they can't come in and look at us because the river is still very full, ”said Dlamini.

He said the reason they asked for help with boats going up and down the river was that he could not believe that his son was still trapped underwater.

He said he suspected that it might have washed away the water where it had drowned and crashed into trees down the river where they could not see.

"Boats can then help to check that he is not stuck in trees along the river because they can withstand the volume of water that we are heavy to get into," said Dlamini.

She says it is sad to think that her baby, who should have been buried, is still sitting in the unknown.

“As the days went by, my baby would be found dead and gone. We are sick and our mother is in shock as the days go by and she is not available. The pain we feel is indescribable, ”said Dlamini.

He said Thandolwenkosi's mother was still sitting on the floor because it was difficult for her to get up and leave Thandolwenkosi unattended.

He said he had run out of money to buy candles because there were so many days for the family. 

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Shoboloza Dlamini Thandolwenkosi Umzimkhulu


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