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What these two DJs have done is great to set an example for others and for other celebrities

What the station manager did to this two Djs was a great an example to be set as an example for other and for other celebrities.

The broadcasters of Johannesburg-based station 947 FM have been targeted after allegations of rape against a woman surfaced.

The station's holding company, Primedia Broadcasting, on Wednesday sent a statement to the media announcing that they would no longer be part of 947 FM's Thato "DJ Fresh" Sikwane and Themba "Euphonik" Nkosi.

Acting chief executive Primedia, Geraint Crwys-Williams, said the decision was taken after a series of scandals in recent weeks and "taken to protect the company."

The acting chief executive Primedia his decision was taken has nothing to do with the allegations against these broadcasters but prioritises Primedia Broadcasting and its business objectives.

On Wednesday, Themba and DJ Fresh released a statement commenting on their dismissal.

People on social media have criticized Primedia's decision, with many saying they should have waited for the court's decision as it was still being investigated and they had not been convicted of the alleged rape.

The broadcasters were first suspended last month following the appearance of a woman who accused them of raping her in 2011.

“After consulting with our lawyers we decided it was best to continue our public broadcasting work. We are waiting for our names to be cleared (in court). "Unfortunately we did not agree with Primedia Broadcasting and we finally agreed to be released from the station immediately," the statement said.

The two DJs are hopeful that they will return to work as they claimed to be innocent on their statements on Twitter.

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