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Angry Community Members Loot Truck & Set It On Fire

The video footage shows an incident with trucks being stoned and looted before they were set alight with petrol bombs, and this has seriously causing disturbances in our society because it creates a situation where criminality is being encouraged.

We're talking about people's businesses here we cannot have a situation where crime is allowed to be perpetrated on the watch of the police officers, who were supposed to be responsible in ensuring that people are safe.

So again this is a huge problem that we are facing in our Society and it has to be stopped before it gets out of hand, unfortunately we are in a position where the Citizens truly do not care about the consequences that fallow after doing such actions.

Which are very compromising the nature of the law enforcements in the country and they're creating a seriously problematic atmosphere, where anyone can just do as they please but it creates a very problematic place because people want to work and be able to feed their families.

But when such things are happening at such an alarming rate it creates a huge problem and this is something that cannot be dealt with in a decisive manner or fast enough, to deal with the issues that we are facing in our Society.

It is unfortunately that the problem that we have is that there isn't enough in terms of policing that is being done to ensure that we don't have incidences like this, unfortunately we are in another situation where the Citizens are always caught up in these matters.

More needs to be done in terms of ensuring that there is safety and people understand the consequences of looting trucks like this, people usually they do this because they want to be in a situation where they can just get away with it if they are doing it in Great numbers and that has created a serious problem unfortunately.

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