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28 Year Old Mother Was Murdered In Her Home Because Of This

It is very sad that people do not get murdered by strangers nowadays, they are killed by people you trust the most. It is okay to be in love with your partner, but do not be possessive because it leads to obsession. Obsession is very dangerous, it can lead you to do things that you will regret in future. There's no good enough reason that can make up for murder, it is a selfish act. There are people who look up to those victims, there are people who love those victims and wish to see them go on in life.

Ruchian Lawak, 28, was found with multiple knife wounds in the doorway of her Scottsdene Rental Estate home in Kraaifontein on Wednesday evening. It is alleged that this boyfriend was jealous and he stabbed this lady right in front of her two year old kid. This is very sad, it is not good to take someone's life and it is even worse to leave a kid with such a traumatic experience. This memory will always remain in this kid's mind and it will cause her to have fear. Losing your parent in such a manner is the worst thing that could ever happen, this kid has now been deprived mother's love and dependence.

According to the family spokesperson Niklaas Koopman, the 28 year old Ruchian wanted to end her relationship with her 29 year old boyfriend. This was due to the fact that her boyfriend is abusive, he was obsessed with her. A few weeks back he sent images and voice notes to the deceased saying that he will take his life if she leaves him. He got infuriated because Ruchian did not react to his threats then he decided to take action. The boyfriend went to Ruchian's home while she was sleeping in bed and stabbed her five times next to her heart.

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