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" In South Africa, People With Rape History Are Getting Reality Shows And Being Celebrated ".

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South Africa is known for being unequal in terms of economy,unequal in justice and others.It is no surprise that many South Africans spoke about inequality when it comes to justice.

Poor people have high chance of facing jail if they committed crime but when it is well known and rich people,they don't even go to jail.Their cases are swept under a rack.

This has been napping for many years especially in South Africa.By looks of things,it doesn't seem like it's something that will stop.

A user went on social media to talk about people like that.He said "In South Africa people with rape history are getting reality shows and being celebrated.Ex- cons for murder are chosen over law abiding citizens to host shows.People who committed Gender Based Violence are stilI getting gigs left and right."

What are your thoughts about about this?

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