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Opinion, Why do people put food on a coffin box after someone dies.

Why do people do this?. I have recently come across a strange situation of a women who was buried with her favorite snacks, Redbull, Two lighters and chips. Which leads me to ask why do people do this, what do they hope to achieve from it.

Is it because they will think she will later come back to life, there are cases where people have died and come back to life. It's been proven, if that's what they believe then I can understand that. But it only happens very rarely.

Is it because they think she would need snacks in the afterlife. Ancient Egyptians used to believe that after you die, you go on a journey to the afterlife and cross many rivers and paths.

Personally I wouldn't want perishable foods in my coffin box when I die, I don't see the appeal, I would rather have my family eat that food and remember me. I wouldn't want people to be waiting for me to come back to life. What do you think, tell me in the comments and follow for more news as it happens.

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