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Road Accident

Pothole Turned Into A Swimming Pool

Looking at a lot of our roads countrywide besides cars, Onething which this roads are flooded with is nothing but potholes, The sad part of all this is that people living within the municipalities were the damaged roads are they pay all the services including they car liscences,tickets and others however the money just never go out to fix the roads and the potholes also never cease to ruin people's cars and even go as far as causing road accidents in some cases.

Well so now that when motorists complain about all this the relevant individual who are responsible to fix the road don't ever seem to take them serious they just say we will fix and never fix,One fed up motorists decided to shame those officials at his community by deciding to turn the pothole into something else, Refer to the pics attached below to see what he has done,

Source :,What this man has done here is that instead of complaining further he turned this huge pothole into a chilling spot and now looking at how he is chilling inside it this shows that it was too deep and neglected for a good long time which is very wrong, So now that he has done this i am pretty sure that you can also see that this could catch a lot of attention of people from outside his community and being bad publicity to the municipality and have them fix it to save themselves some embarrassment.

Looking at the strategy he used what is it that you have to say, I mean yes what he did was wrong and very risky someone's could have ran over him since the pothole is on the road were cars pass but it is definitely going to convince the people responsible for the road to have it fixed,Checkout what various people had said regarding this situation in the screenshots attached below.

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