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Countries With The Highest Rape Victims In The World - South Africa Is Number 4

Source: (Rape Statistics By Country 2021)

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Rape is an illegal conduct that often involves sexual intercourse carried out against a person's will, either violently or under threat of injury. Rape is a worldwide issue.

Finding accurate rape statistics is a difficult task.

Accurate rape statistics are notoriously difficult to come by.

The most significant issue is that the majority of sexual violence victims choose not to report it.

There are a variety of reasons for this decision, including shame, victim shaming, fear of rapist retaliation, and even concern about the victim's own family's reaction.

In addition, many countries' anti-sexual-assault legislation are insufficient, inconsistent, or not consistently applied. This might lead to the victim believing that involving law enforcement will do no good and, in certain situations, will make matters worse rather than better.

Whatever the cause for a victim's silence, the result is that rape in many nations is grossly underreported. It is believed that around 35% of women in the world have been sexually harassed at some point in their lives. However, in most nations with data on rape (including the United States), fewer than 40% of those women seek help—and fewer than 10% seek law enforcement aid.

In certain nations, any non-consensual intercourse is considered rape. Others define rape as a sexual attack that exceeds a specific level of violence.

Spousal rape is legal in some countries. Others, however, do not.

Any report of rape is counted in some countries. Others only count instances that result in a court proceeding.

Non-consensual, and occasionally also consensual, sex with a minor—typically classified as statutory rape—is included in some countries' rape totals. Other countries classify any sexual activity with a minor, whether consented to or not, as a separate category.

In other nations, rape is simply defined as forcible vaginal penetration during sexual intercourse.

Rape, according to some, is any unlawful penetration of the mouth, anus, or vulva with any body part or object.

Only male-on-female rape is tracked in some nations. Female-on-female, female-on-male, and male-on-male rape are all tracked by others.

Each assault between the same people (for example, a youngster and a relative or a guy and his planned fiancée) is treated as a different occurrence in some nations. Others combine all of the rapes and count them as a single rape.

Similarly, several countries classify gang rapes as a single incident, regardless of the number of people involved. Others classify gang rapes as a series of occurrences (one per participant, minus the victim or victims)

Despite the differences in collecting and reporting systems, the evidence shows that rape is a big problem everywhere over the world.

With 132.4 rape cases per 100,000 persons in 2010, South Africa had the highest rate of rape in the world. In a 2009 poll conducted by the South African Medical Research Council, one out of every four men admitted to rape. The South African government, on the other hand, is striving to remedy this dysfunction, and supporters claim that the rate has reduced to 72.1 percent in the 2019-20 reporting period.

The ten countries with the highest rape rates are as follows:

1. Botswana (92.93)

2. Australia (91.92)

3. Lesotho (82.68)

4. South Africa (72.10)

5. Bermuda (67.29)

6. Sweden (63.54)

7. Suriname (45.21)

8. Costa Rica (36.70)

9. Nicaragua (31.60)

10. Grenada (30.63)

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