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Commuter Allegedly raped by taxi driver and conductor

It was reported that a 25 year old woman was found dumped and stranded after she was raped by a taxi driver and his conductor who are believed to had been armed with weapons

The reaction unit of South Africa then received a call later on in the afternoon from motorists who were on the road asking that they come immediately to assist

As they had spotted a woman in the north lane of the N2 in the vicinity of sibaya in KwaZulu-Natal

The Young lady claimed that the driver and the conductor assured her that they will go the direction she was heading. As they left Durban she claimed to ask them the reason why the mini bus wasn't stopping for other passengers

Then the conductor caught her and placed a piece of cloth on her mouth and covered her face and they demanded that she remain silent

She was then driven to a field the lady then again added that she was to tell the rapists they she was hiv positive but she was afraid that they would shoot her if she informed them

She then made her way to the highway where she flagged down passing car who then called emergency

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Durban South Africa


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