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Soweto killer identified.

Just look at his face he doesn't look like someone who is capable of such brutality,when they say money is the root of all evil they are talking about such people.

Money is not the problem my dear, it's the heart,his heart was not pure, minute he knows she's loaded he made a plan to own her inheritance, sies the way we die is cruel .

Who would thought,Surely those who knew him as shocked as we are.

He looks pretty decent kanti he is a monster...

I'm so so shocked ladies do u c this thing of community of property more people r still going to die I was listening to audio tht the killing is all because of money the late mother of the lady left and wht kills me inside is they say this two were cousins , mo guy it's obvious married her for money

Yah I heard a recording .

Apparently the murdered girls mom passed on and she had been working in London for over 20 years so the murdered girls was going to get her late mom's money in pounds.

He is a psychopath. He has no empathy, lacks remorse and sees nothing wrong with what he did. That's why he was able to go back to "normal" even when her body was in the fridge .

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