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Bheki Cele hits back at Tavern owners. Look what he said they must do to save patrons?

Bheki Cele spoke to Khayelitsha bar proprietors about gender-based violence.


If police minister Bheki Cele had his way, bar visitors would have a 30-minute lecture on responsible drinking before being served.



On Thursday, Cele spoke at a Cape Town bar about gender-based violence. Tavern owners, patrons, and NGOs attended the National Liquor Traders-backed campaign.

"Today is about GBV and booze. People believe I dislike booze since I'm named Cele. I don't detest booze, just its consequences. Differentiate between bad behavior and alcohol. I'm sober. Choose. "You choose to drink, but it doesn't make you an animal or insult nondrinkers," Cele said.

"We want good instruction on social drinking. Tavern owners might need 30 minutes. Thank [patrons] for coming and remind them not to criticize their wives or children, or overindulge when they leave. Then pour. " Tell them to stop drinking. "

"We do that," the tavern owners screamed. "Social workers."

Cele encouraged them to share their "learning."

"Good. Stop! Some listen, even if they don't. "

He informed them that women aren't "commodities."

He said, "Women aren't for sale."


It's not sugar or salt. A woman doesn't have to pay with her body if you buy her alcohol. No way. Not allowed. Women enjoy complete human rights. Women's rights should be protected. Men, don't defend women. Once you think you must protect her, you consider her a pet. "

Cele said, "You consider her a pet. Men and women aren't pets. They're human. They require room to grow and fly high. Women often lead better than men.



He claimed God should've made men die before women.

He said, "He was supposed to pass it." Men died first, but that was God's law. When a woman dies first, mayhem ensues. From the outside, that family looks chaotic. "When a man dies, order appears."

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