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Some people feel that this attire is inappropriate for one to wear at the mall and heres why

Jose Maponyane who is the center manager at Boulder Shopping center found himself in hot water at clicks yesterday after telling a man by the name of Thando Mahlangu who was wearing a Ndebele traditional attire that he needs to get out of the store because of what he was wearing is inappropriate.

In other people's eyes, the manager was wrong for doing that because it looked like he didn't like the guy's attire since he is Tswana and this guy is Ndebele. But not everyone agrees with the guy who was wearing the Ndebele traditional attire(Thando) they agree with the manager that what the guy was wearing was inappropriate.

The reason why people agree with Thando is that they didn't see how this attire looks from the front they only saw him from behind they didn't see everything how does the attire look. Below is an example of how this attire looks.

By just looking at this guy you can see he's half-naked. The other thing is that not that people hate his attire but the problem is how they wear it. For instance, there's a Zulu attire not once has anyone seen a Zulu man going to the mall wearing their attire because they know that their attire is not meant to be worn in public places. But if they decided to do so they cover-up.

At the end of the day were are all entitled to our own opinion, not everyone will agree with what you are doing.

Below are people's opinions shared on social media.

Uyabhora nje lona. Next thing Zulu maidens will walk around malls with their bare breast.... they then get raped.... this same guy will come back here to defend his gender and say “kodwa nabo bebagqoke ini?”

It will end in tears soon.

The problem is not the Zulu maidens and how they wear, it's the rapists

I'm not allowing any grown man(especially a stranger) dressed like this next to my kids.

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