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R.I.P. Bongani "Thisha" Ndlovu Who Is 30 Years Old, Shoots Himself Dead In Front Of His Family

KZN architect and businessman, Bongani "Thisha" Ndlovu who is 30 years old, shoots himself dead in front of his family during a meeting at his home in Mpendle after family members allegedly told him he was still very young to have an opinion on serious family matters.

This is a very tragic thing to even happen and it speaks volumes about the things men are going through, it turns out that mean that some of the people who commit suicide in the world more than women and it makes you wonder.

If women are the fairer sex they're the ones who has their emotional and what not but it is manhole committing suicide, it has to be looked into and investigated in order to be dealt with in a manner that is going to be conducive to everyone.

The family was definitely inconsolable and it is not clear till this day what exactly happened in that incident, because it is something that definitely requires a lot of Investigation and understanding.

Perhaps the police need to go and ask the family what had happened for this man to. kill himself the way he has, he could have done this any other way but he chose to go in April and kill himself right in front of his family this is something that is definitely concerning on so many levels.

We have many cases like this where these men are killing themselves and it is becoming a serious concern in our Society, to such an extent where it has to be investigated in order to determine if nothing is wrong.

It is truly concerning that we have incidents like this while many people are allowing the society to keep continuing down this path, when they should be encouraging more positivity and understanding in the world.

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KZN Ndlovu R.I.P. Bongani


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