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Community Members Beat Up A Robber Targeting Bolt Drivers

Skoli caught in Phillip trying to rob bolt driver, apparently they request and rob drivers of their possessions and this is believed to be something that is quite common in the area. It is unfortunate that the community members didn't dole out the punishment that is sufficient enough to deter the suspect from engaging in such an acts in the long run, but it is what it is unfortunately.

However we are glad that enough is being done in order to stop this criminality from spreading, the suspect was beaten Enough by the community members who seem to be very upset with what he was doing and we believe that he might have been encouraged to stop getting into such crimes.

But of course he seem to be very adamant that he did nothing wrong - he was caught after being dragged by a vehicle when he stuck his hand inside the car in order to steal the cell phone of the drive.

That is when the community members gathered together and started hitting him very badly it is fortunate that he even survived the incident because sometimes these things do not go very well for the community members, and the suspects get hurt to such an extent where they even die in other cases.

It is very unfortunate for them that they're engaging in such acts thinking that they can survive the rest of the community members usually it goes very badly for them, so this should be a lesson for the perpetrators of crimes to not even engage in such criminal activities.

Because they will definitely get into a lot of trouble since many Communities are fed up with the crimes that are being perpetrated, it is becoming a serious concern for a lot of people to even see criminals do these kind of crimes.

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