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Road Accident

Taxi driver caught changing gears with his feet while transporting passengers (Watch video)


In South Africa you will never stop laughing especially when it comes to noticing what taxi drivers are doing on the road. A taxi driver went viral on social media after a shared video of him changing gears with his feet. On the video the taxi is driving at 80km per hour and the driver is using his foot to change gears.

Passengers took video of him to share on social media, after realizing how risking their journey is slowing becoming. The driver seemed not bothered all he did was to driver the taxi without minding passengers who were busy with cellphones taking videos. With the money people pay everyday to ride public transport, owners are still finding it difficult to buy new taxis.

Now people are putting their lives at risk all because they get attacked for taking Uber instead of local taxis. Truth need to be told our people are at risk and have no say, when they speak drivers attack them.

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