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Watch: Man fighting with a traffic officer got a lot of people on social media talking


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Traffic officers are the officers of the law who ensure that road drivers abide with the rules and regulations of the road.

However it seems as if some traffic officers are not getting the respect they should be getting from other people, as we see in this video a man who was caught on camera pushing a traffic officer. However the traffic officer and the man exchanged hurtful words to each other that resulted in the man getting angry, as he retaliated with pushing the man.

However it is not yet clear how all of this may have started that caused this fight between the man and the traffic officer. This traffic officer however should have handled this situation very differently as he is an officer of the law. He should have been professional when this man was saying hurtful words to him, as he is a officer of the law.

Some people on social media even said that traffic officers have no respect for civilians, as some even said they have experienced the disrespect from traffic officers. However the other traffic officer in this video was trying to calm this man down, as he tried pulling the traffic officer and the man away from each other.


The traffic officer is an officer of the law and it looks very unprofessional for a traffic officer to be fighting with a civilian. The traffic officer should have handled all this situation very differently and tried to calm the man down rather then trying to fight with the man.

Here are some of the comments that people on social media made after seeing this man pushing a traffic officer.

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