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Opinion - Stop lying to your shelves, cast away illusions let's fight

Stop lying to your shelves, cast away illusions let's fight!

1. Dudu Myeni gone and declared a delinquent Director

2. Hlaudi gone and pension withheld

3. Brian Molefe gone, pension to be paid back.

4. CJ Mogoeng Mogoeng found guilty by the JSC

5. Public Protector Advocate Mkhwebane found guilty by parliamentary committee

6. Supra suspended

7. Ace suspended

8. President Zuma waiting for his sentence

I can go on...

This is a one sided beating. We being walloped and yet some amongst us pretend there is a fight going on. It's not a fight, its beating.

Rupert made shocking profits last financial year. He is in charge...

We can't fight when we delude ourselves and present a false picture of the balance of forces.

BLF has a firm grasp of the situation. Right now stellenbosch is on a roll. We refuse to delude ourselves. We build from scratch to give ourselves a fighting chance.

We start with the local government elections. Join us let's fight! Or wallow in self delusion


-Africanisation is the process of making a Government, or Politics, more African!

-Ir also involves the Acts of changing personal name's and names of places inorder to create a more authentic African identity!

-The African Indipendent from Imperialist that we continue fighting for, will meant that Africanisation renewed African People's Self-esteem and African Pride in being African!!

"Nyerere's African version of Socialism, Ujamaa***, represented the Africanisation of Socialist Politics and Economics, that can suit Africa, and Chairman Omali Yeshitela still Advocate the similar but advanced school of thought - African Internationalism, Theory of African Working Class Revolutionaries, which is Afrocentric!"

#African policy of authenticity or changing Africa to become an authentic African One State, to control and decide with it Wealthiness (Economically) and system of governing (Politically) with :

OneGovernment OneAfrica OneNation OneCurrency OneStateBank Onemilitary Noboarder!

#Through African Internationalism We Can Destroy Legacy Of Colonialism In African Soil!

#Omali Yashitela

#African Socialist International

#OnePeople OneParty OneDestiny

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