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See how Mpho will get Gadaffi out of jail on Generations

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Apparently it seems like this might be the end of Mpho's career on Generations as he is now trying by all means to take his father out of jail who recently got arrested after Ayanda tipped off the police about the cocaine in Gadaffi's house. Apparently you will remember that he recently went to the police station and looked for Gadaffi's file but unfortunately he didn't find out who blackmailed him Apparently you will remember that Mpho is now training at the police station hence Gadaffi's right man Luke almost got caught as he as well recently went to the police station however detective Malinga caught him but fortunately he was able to lie to him about what does he want from detective Malinga's office Apparently it seems like Mpho is prepared to help his father Gadaffi from every step of the way as we heard him claiming that he has a plan and that plan is risky Leave your comments please



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