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What A Truck Driver Woke Up To In Eastern Cape

Trouble is about to happen on the N10 between Oilphantskop Pass and Nanaga in the Eastern Cape Province. These are the kinds of guys who steal from truck drivers, so their behavior of riding on the back of trucks without the driver's permission is very worrying.

The suspects do this so they can take advantage of the fact that the driver has to park the big car. When the driver parks, the suspects start stealing whatever they can get their hands on. This has been a very scary thing.

We hope that other drivers on the road told the truck driver that there were three people riding in the back of his truck. We also hope that the police were notified so that the right steps could be taken to catch them.

We've seen a lot of these kinds of cases in the country, and they're scary for regular people who have to deal with them and try to stop criminal activities.

They're sick of the crimes that keep happening in the country, which is a good thing because they're the ones who are making things so unstable.

We're sure that regular people are in a position to stop crime, because it's only natural that regular people will be able to call the police on people who break the law.

Things are not going well with the economy right now, and the rise in interest rates has made it hard for the average person to get by. The people were probably arrested and taken to the police so they could go through the steps needed to make sure they would never do this again.

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