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GOOD JOB SAPS for discovering this big machine that produces this illegal product. See pictures.

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Police are searching for suspects behind a medication lab that has been found in northern KwaZulu-Natal.

Police jump on monstrous KZN drug lab 1

KZN Branch of Wellbeing

Officials raged the premises in Ngudwini on Thursday.

It had hardware and medications said to be worth huge number of rands.

Commonplace police representative Jay Naicker says the machines were seen as yet running, yet the suspects had previously escaped the property.

"A huge amount of natural substances thought to be utilized in the production of medications as well as tablets thought to mandrax were tracked down on the scene."

"Pressing materials, two electrical crushing machines, a drying stove, an electric compacting machine, a truck with a mysterious compartment as well as other gear were likewise found.

"The examination will be given over to the Falcons and we trust that the culprits will be brought to book as soon possible."

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