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There is no need for physical census counting because home affairs has all the info they need

It is compulsory for every person to be counted and the Statistics Act imposes a R10 000 fine or a six-month prison sentence on anyone who refuses ~ NEWS24


Amazing how government is so ready give fines and wanting to imprison ordinary citizens but, Cyril can't lock up the skelms in government who have stolen so muchtwo sets of rules, one for government one for citizens. Ignore the crime but expect people to allow random people into their homes. Where's the law that states government can enter someone's property whenever they decide?

What about holding Government responsible and send its members to prison for failing dismay to serve citizens of this country. I guess it does make sense and wiser more than their lame joke, you fail to know how much foreigners are in your country illegally, that should be their worrying point and first priority to deal with. All they need to know is how many people are in the house, that amount I will write with my own pen and that can be done outside in the sidewalk. Because they have no authority to enter my yard and all other info is regarded as private and personal

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