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I have a problem with my neighbors they poisoned my dog this morning to hurt me, angry man testify


A high number of people around our communities do not get along with their neighbors. On social media today a young man, attached his feelings and wrote how sad and disappointed he is. He stated that his neighbors did him wrong by poisoning his dog.

It is alleged that the dog was playing on their garden, doing what any dog would do whenever it lands on a turf. Instead of talking to him his neighbors decided to take their issues to the dog. The only thing he saw after releasing his dog for a walk, the dog's belly began to swell and that time the mouth was releasing white bubbles.

Photo cred: Facebook

That is when man saw that his dog ate poison from the house next door. Dogs eat almost anything and will help themselves whenever they come near grass. As for poisoning the dog man wrote on Facebook that his neighbors poisoned the dog to hurt him. Even though he never stated were their feud started, unfortunately "spottie" ended being the victim even though he never understood what is happening.

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