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The Family Killer Walks Into Court In Slo-Mo With A New Hairstyle- How Different Is She From Zuma

Rosemary Ndlovu shocked South Africa as she entered the court in a never seen before walk in this country. She can be seen walking in a slow motion as if she was walking in a wedding isle. On the video, she can be seen walking inside, covering her legs with a blanket as she tries to hide the chains that are fastened onto her legs. This woman has caused pain in many people's live for the sake of her own gains when she took multiple lives of her own family members.

She killed people just to enrich herself and become an instant millionaire. She is accused of plotting to murder her sister and her five children after she hired hitmen to do this for her. During the proceedings, she asked the court to give her time as she couldn't continue because she was feeling sick. She can be heard saying that she was feeling a bit dizzy, and she couldn't eat because of her situation.

On one occasion, she was seen smiling inside the court, showing no remorse for her shameful actions. At another point she was seen eating during the proceedings and that shows she doesn't respect the court of law. Judging by how she is behaving, we would think that she may somehow be having a medical breakdown. But, it is clear what she is doing is playing a delay tactic to buy herself some time. With that being said, this looks exactly like what happened to former president Jacob Zuma as he also delayed his court appearances. We should also bear in mind that the court will in the end give its judgement. How exactly is she different from Zuma?

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