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Bitter EX girlfriend set the house alight to torch the boyfriend. A man cries out. Video

Relationships are exhausting in most cases. People are not getting out alive in some relationships. South Africa is a country where gender based violence is a crisis. So many women lost their lives in the hands of bitter men in South Africa. The statistics continue to rise sharply, and this is embarrassing. It says a lot about South African men, who fail to handle women accordingly, and always resort to violence when they have issues. Things need to be done better, and women need to feel protected in their own country. It is pivotal that attention should be given to any sort of gender based violence, despite the gender. There is a notion that when men get attacked by women, the media says nothing and the law enforcement do not intervene, as they should. 

A man has shared a video showing fire looming over his house, and was calling for help. He is complaining that her bitter ex-girlfriend is behind this fire, with the intention of causing harm and deaths. People are traumatized, since they know how dangerous a fire is. This is a crime, due to the fact that this fire will damage property and even claim innocent lives. Warrant of arrest for attempted murder and demolish of property should be issued. This lady cannot get away with this. 

There are two sides of the story. Hence it is important that people get to have an idea of what triggered this lady to torch a house. There is no justification of causing crime, there are better ways issues could be resolved and crime should be the last option. In this video, people can see white sheets already being set alight and the house is going to burn down, if an early intervention is not taken. Lucky enough no one was harmed, and the victim reported this on social media.

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