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Man was found naked with a married woman in bed at her home Joburg Hillbrow see what happened

Currently there is a Man Who was found naked with a married woman in bed at her home Joburg Hillbrow, It is really embarrassing to see a woman you call your wife sleep with other man, but that married man acted professional because he didn't want to shot the guy with his gun, nor fight him, because he knew that he might find himself in a trouble, instate he requested his Lobola to the guy because he underestimated him,

Remember this guy knew that lady is married and she is living with her husband, they also has a small child and is less than one year, if maybe that lady was the one who came with that idea, maybe a guy was supposed to refuse and take her to his place, because that was a risk, now a man on the video confess that he has no wife and children, it is clearly that he was willing to destroy their marriage.

Video is being trending social media,and they guy admitted to paying his Lobola back, but he didn't say when he will pay his Lobola back,that guy is very lucky because if it was someone else, maybe he was going to something bad to him, and the worse part he was not using protection.

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