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Read What Happened To A Woman Who Left Her Husband And Children For A Rich man

A 53-year-old father of three regretted that his wife had abandoned him for a man of unexplained wealth.

based on the man. The man has been assisting others who are unemployed thanks to the knowledge his wife gave him, so he came to the man's residence with his wife to obtain a job for him.

She formally presented him to the other man as her husband and begged him to assist him in finding employment. She then left with the children, saying that she would return in a week.

The so-called assistant promised to assist him at whatever costs but then left to travel to Abuja. After three days, the man returned with many strong men.

He encouraged him to wait when he got back since it takes endurance and patience to find a prosperous career in this country.

Every day with three square meals, the helper gives him pocket money. The man's generosity swept him away to the point that he lost sight of why he was there. The man demonstrated an ostentatious way of life while not knowing where his income came from.

This was due to the fact that every day, he changed between dazzling cars that were worth millions and returned home with various types of individuals. His wife abandoned him along with the man during this time and never bothered to inquire about the extent of his assignment.

Surprisingly, the wealthy individual, whose source of income is unknown, was on the phone with a person who intended to utilize him in a ritual. He overheard the man speaking to the other person in a trembling voice.

So he made the decision to leave the property. He started to watch the man who had wholeheartedly believed in him move. He asked the man for some washing soap so that he may wash his clothing. The man told him that his home was without soap and provided him #500 to go outside the compound and get some.

To trick the man into thinking he truly wanted to wash his clothes, he then packed up all of his clothing and placed it outside in a basin. Because his wife was thought to be the mastermind behind the planned ceremony, he immediately left the gate and rode his bike to the bus station, where he boarded a vehicle to travel to Imo state where he would consult a Spiritualist.

When he arrived, the Spiritualist told him that he was fortunate that his wife had not used him for a money ritual. He was instructed by the Spiritualist to purchase 3 year old poultry along with some Spiritual objects in order to stoke tension between the two. He purchased all necessary items and used them in the charm.

The Spiritualist advised him to wait a week before returning home. In a short period of time, he received a call from his brother informing him that his wife had admitted to using her husband in a money ritual with an unidentified rich man who later intended to exploit her as a result of the husband's disappearance. If she couldn't produce her husband, the man demanded payment for everything he had spent on him.

He informed the Spiritualist of the situation at home as soon as he received the call, and he then gave him permission to go and speak with the wife.

His wife started pleading as soon as he entered the house, claiming that the devil had forced her to make that choice. as an unemployed man. It is suggested.


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