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Drinking association launches E-drinking App to save People's lives


More and more young people are drown to alcohol than their school work nowadays, children are no longer children today everyone is an adult. Each day parents have to deal with young adults who do not listen to them due to their given name 'Ama2000'. These young ones are never told, instead they tell their parents what to do. Last weekend young people lost their lives due to heavy drinking. What is more sad is that nobody to this date knows what could have caused their death. Some sources associate their death with satanic rituals while other people put the blame on tavern owner more than the parents. shared an article that association in Ghana has introduced an App to it's citizens in hopes to lower binge drinking among young people. This shows that it is not only South Africa that suffers from alcohol abusive. Even Nations were there is no enough food young people still drink and make children.

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