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Man Was Driving In KZN when Hijackers Shot At Him, He Lost Control And This Happened (Photo)

Car hijackers have become a menace on our roads as they do their best every day to hijack people's cars. Sadly, these hijackers are causing havoc in the lives of innocent drivers. It has gotten so bad that not a single day passes without one hijacking or another.

What must we do to curb this menace? Well, for a start, our security forces must step up their game against these hijackers. If a full-scale operation is launched against these miscreants, I bet you that they would quit their mischievous acts.

Many drivers have lost their vehicles in the past, with some even losing their lives in the process. The painful thing about the hijacking is that these hijackers usually sell stolen vehicles for ridiculously cheap prices. These crimes must not be condoned in our country.

Recently, an unidentified driver in KZN became a victim of hijackers when they shot at him while on the road. Reports say that the victim lost control of his car after receiving gunshots. The incident occurred in Chatsworth - KZN.

The car driver did not survive the incident. The man has joined the long list of victims that have lost their lives due to the hijackings in Mzansi. The deceased probably has a family that depends on him for survival but now, he has been killed.

These acts of insecurity must be stopped, it is more than enough right now because no one likes to hear about these types of bad news. When the report was shared on social media, many people reacted to it.

Many people who reacted sent their condolences to the deceased, however, some had mixed reactions to the incident. We wish that the suspects who did this to the driver be prosecuted for their crime.

May the soul of the deceased rest in peace.

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